Writing is intimidating. Let us get that out of the way. Diction, word choice, punctuation has left many paralysed. People think a certain type of writing perpetuates sharing, greatness, when the bravery exists in penning, but seldom it goes noticed.

I have held the notion that writing is elite for eons.

In truth, anyone can do it, if time is taken.

With that said, the importance of writing and honing came to my attention this evening with Grounding Sessions, a weekly poetry platform I run (the I will always scare me).

Last week, the show was packed, there was barely breathing space, people came to soak in poetry, and they did. It was a brilliant show, unseen of, new, surprising poets who gathered their worth and strutted their stuff metaphorically.

This week however, the show started off empty. As a host, you try to understand, make sense of and find reason in the lack when it comes to something you have created. You gain a press release answer- it is valentine’s day, but in truth, it was valentine’s day and who would come out? You hope, that some soul would.

Time passes. Friends show up. You remember you are an alchemist despite the fact the feature poet has not shown. You know that this job is can never be discounted. This is universal. This is poetry, it is always in motion.

Steadily, there are enough people to fill the open-mic. Friends save you. They perform. Poetry is performed. You live. You listen to the poetry. This art is what you were seeking.

The poets a brilliant, they share themselves, their writing, do not be fooled, writing is intimidating and brave, sharing more so.

You have hired an intern, a guest MC, he is the type of controversy you are on a bad night. You are grateful for him, but this is not a bad night.

Did we mention that your friends saved you. Vusumuzi Mpofu, Zimbabwean born , 19, performs as a stand in, though he had proved himself beyond when the  crowd was enthralled a week before at the very same gig.

A week before at the very same gig, it was packed. Filled. FULL! Now, alchemy needed to take precedence, Pro-Found is there, Durban born, and tight as a premium poes.

They collab. They recite. Beatboxing/Rap/Singing/POETRY!!!

There is poetry. You sigh. All you have ever wanted was to have poetry prosper. The why’s are personal, but you yearn its growth. You grow from despair to knowing that from the advent of time there was only word.

You love through poetry, and though it seems a hesitant lover, even on Valentine’s Day, somehow the romance of sound, word, sentence, punctuation and concept has always left you loved.

Writing is intimidating, sharing even more so- so bravery in penning should always be respected.




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